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SINTEG – Smart Energy Showcases

In the funding programme "Smart Energy Showcase - Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG), transferable model solutions for a secure, economical and environmentally friendly energy supply with temporarily 100% electricity generation from renewable energies are developed and demonstrated in large-scale model regions.


What SINTEG is about

As a large-scale tests for the energy supply of the future and the digitalisation of the energy sector, more than 300 companies, research institutions and municipalities worked together from 2016 to 2020 as part of the SINTEG programme. They formed five model regions, so called showcases in which they developed and tested solutions for the energy supply of the future.

The five SINTEG showcases each covered several federal states. Depending on the region, they focused was on different topics. New solutions for a secure, economical and environmental friendly energy supply were tested. An interactive map below shows where in Germany the partners worked on SINTEG projects.



The results from the five SINTEG showcases are now brought together and evaluated by a group of different experts. The aim is to develop generally applicable blueprints from the solutions tested in practice in the individual showcases. These sample solutions can be applied in a wide variety of sectors. This way, it will be possible for people from business, technology and science to benefit in practice from the SINTEG results. In this way, the energy transition in Germany will be carried out on a broad scale. The results reports are published on this website according to five main topics.