What happens behind the scenes 

Currently, the results are being compiled and evaluated by a group of different experts. The focus is recording, analysing and transferring the practical experience gained. Aids for scaling up and imitating model examples - so-called blueprints - are to be developed. These blueprints will be created on two different levels of abstraction. On the one hand, it is a matter of aggregated findings across several showcases (high-level blueprints). These are particularly relevant for management personnel in business and politics. On the other hand, concrete solutions from individual showcases are prepared for the practical work of users in business, technology and science (detail-level blueprints). 

Thematic meetings as a basis 

Expert meetings play a decisive role here. These meetings take place across all SINTEG showcases. In addition to the experts from the showcases and the team responsible for collecting the results, the BMWi and the project management agency also take part. Guiding questions structure the direct exchange and help to achieve the desired knowledge for the respective topics.

Experts identify findings

Prior to these meetings, preliminary talks are sometimes held with topic-specific experts from the showcases, which are based on preliminary questions submitted beforehand. These are based on hypotheses and thus invite the experts to conduct thought experiments. After the topic meetings, the findings are compiled in a document. Written feedback and further additions are then obtained from the showcase experts. This serves as the current state of work for the next thematic meeting. Answers to detailed questions and more concrete information are compiled by the experts of the results collection in an ongoing exchange with those responsible for the respective shop windows.

This process results in five comprehensive and topic-specific reports. The diverse results from the model regions are divided into the following focus topics and will be published step by step on this website from summer 2021.