What happened behind the scenes 

The last months subject matter experts were compiling and evaluating the SINTEG results. Their focus was on recording, analysing and transferring the practical experience gained. Through their work, models for scaling up and imitating exemplary solutions - so-called blueprints - were developed. These blueprints were created on two different levels of abstraction. On the one hand, high-level blueprints aggregate findings across several showcases. These are particularly relevant for management personnel in business and politics. On the other hand, detail-level blueprints present concrete solutions from individual showcases for the work of practitioners in business, technology and science. 

Thematic meetings as a basis 

Expert meetings played a decisive role in compiling and evaluating SINTEG results. These meetings took place across all SINTEG showcases and involved experts from the showcases, the subject matter experts responsible for collecting the results, the Ministry and a project management agency. Guiding questions structured the exchange and helped to achieve the desired knowledge for the respective topics.

Subject matter experts identify findings

Prior to these meetings, preliminary talks were sometimes held with topic-specific experts from the showcases. These are based on hypotheses and invite showcase experts to conduct thought experiments. Following the thematic meetings, findings were compiled in a written document. Written feedback and further additions were then obtained from the showcase experts. This served as the current state of work for the next thematic meeting. Answers to detailed questions and more concrete information were compiled by the subject matter experts in an ongoing exchange with showcase experts.

This process resulted in five comprehensive and topic-specific reports, represented by the following topics.