Hundreds of experts were involved in the SINTEG funding program. Over the past four project years, this is how many people got to know each other, talked to each other and worked together. The network of the five showcases represented the entire value chain of the new energy world - including energy management, industry, digital services and research. The goal of maintaining the network is to disseminate the technologies and business models that have been developed and to launch new projects so that the energy transition succeeds.

Three measures to maintain the network were developed by empirica Communication and Technology Research together with the showcases as part of the SINTEG accompanying project: an Internet-based Who-is-Who, a project on the science platform ResearchGate and a group of energy professionals on the platform LinkedIn.

The Who-is-Who has a modern online platform and a keyword list that allows experts to be found with pinpoint accuracy. Who-is-Who is available at

Scientific publications from all five SINTEG showcases are uploaded to the ResearchGate platform and made accessible via link. The project already lists over 500 entries at

The group on LinkedIn provides a communication channel for energy professionals about SINTEG, at The group also opens up the opportunity for external parties to submit questions and project ideas to a larger group.

Queries can be directed to sinteg @