Their task: to implement the energy reforms in practice

The showcases span five model regions, each of which cover several Länder and address the specific challenges linked to supplying local businesses and residents with renewables-based electricity. In order to realise the smart grid in the region in practice, the showcases seek to achieve the following goals:

  • to guarantee secure and efficient grid operation at high levels of renewables feed-in
  • to use the potential for increasing efficiency and utilising flexibility
  • to ensure that all players of the smart grid work together in an efficient and secure manner
  • to use the existing grid infrastructure efficiently
  • to reduce the need for grid expansion in the distribution network
  • to develop new business models in the energy sector

The model solutions that have been tested in practice will ultimately be fed into blueprints for realising the energy transition across Germany as a whole.

The showcases project will run for four years.