Positioning the showcases as European innovation regions

Activities at international level are coordinated in a working group, which also includes experts working on similar “showcase” regions in other European countries. This working group thus provides a forum for exchanging experience or building up possible cooperation. It also seeks to identify ways in which any solutions developed in the showcases might be transferred and prepares these accordingly.

The fact that Germany is party to the Implementing Agreement for a Cooperative Programme on Smart Grids (ISGAN) developed by the International Energy Agency (IEA) means that the results of the SINTEG programme are made known to an international audience.

Further impetus for international dialogue is generated from the cooperation that takes place between SINTEG and Europe’s ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus initiative. Under this initiative, 21 European countries and regions are coordinating their activities to build a networked smart energy system across Europe.

The international activities will enable Germany to learn from other countries, to present the results of SINTEG to an international audience, and to promote international cooperation.