SINTEG: Using regulatory sandboxes to drive forward the digitalisation of the energy transition

A key goal within the SINTEG programme is to obtain practical experience and to use this to enhance the regulatory framework. The Federal Government has therefore adopted an ordinance that provides a temporary framework for experimenting (SINTEG ordinance).

The ordinance allows participants of the SINTEG programme to test new technologies, procedures and business models – for example in the areas of digitalisation and the coupling of the electricity and heat sectors – and compensates them for the economic disadvantages that result out of these activities. By testing out the various technologies in reality, the showcases will deliver insights about how the legal framework needs to be developed in the future. This makes SINTEG a regulatory sandbox for the smart energy supply of the future.

Role played by the showcases

It is hoped that the blueprints for creating a climate-friendly, reliable and efficient energy supply able to absorb high shares of intermittent power generated from wind and solar energy which are developed will show where additional rules are needed in national and European (energy) law.